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Welcome to Shakudo

Shakudo is all in one end-to-end platform and data project infrasturcture provider. Whether you're building simple data processing pipelines, complex machine learning models, Web3 applications, we integrate with all the tools you need to get started and deploy you code into production.

Here you'll find the documentation for Shakudo Platform and all the supporting APIs and integrated tools.

What Shakudo platform offers

Who is it for?

ML engineers & scientists

We remove the complexities of setting up the right high performance environments and machines. With the Shakudo Platform getting started on development to deploying your models is as easy as a few button clicks.

DevOps engineers

We make it easy for you to setup your team's environments. Setting up an environment or podspec for your team can be as easy as pasting in a Docker image link. We help you manage Kubernetes and tailor the infrastructure for your team's needs.


Shakudo platform is designed for scale and flexibility. You may start off with one data scientist and grow to a team of 10 and our platform will service your team's needs at every stage of growth.

DApp developers

We remove the complexities of building on Web 3 by providing you with fully managed RPC endpoints and a platform to go from development to deployment.